Making an ad fit.

Often times we have seen advertisements with images and copy distorted that has been squished and stretched in order to fit in a space allotted much like in a newspaper, magazine or online banner space. Take for instance this nail polish ad for a 1/4 page ad. The original design is created for a much bigger space, now it is being distorted or forced fit into a smaller space. Not a good look.

Designers at times faced with camera ready art that is the incorrect size for the space given, sometimes the art is too small or at times to large and you have to figure out how to make this art work. There are a few ways to fix this problem. Here are two simple solutions. Advertisements are billed per line or square. As a designer responsible for page layout, you want to utilize the space effectively, giving the client the best look for the space they paid for.

This 1st Solution: is to allow the design float in the space, over a black box, creating the illusion of a black border or frame. Simple and classy.

The 2nd Solution: expand the art to exceed the ad space, being careful not loose any copy in the process. A little of the image get cropped off at the borders but the main images stays.
Remember these are solutions to help make your clients keep returning.