Our Adventurous Tea Outing

I dragged my mom to Cherry Creek Mall.  I had been wanting to check out this store called LUSH. LUSH did well by me, the customer service was amazing, I'm looking forward to trying their bath bomb. Mom did not want to leave so quickly, even though it was a mad house of people (I've only seen it that busy at the Holidays). As we window shopped we stumbled upon TEAVANA (one of my facebook fans recommended I try the place that was at a different location). I am a huge fan of teas and am willing to try new teas and tea combination. I got sucked in to try some of their products they had brewed, though I did not plan to buy anything, I did leave with $20.00 worth of tea product. (it was so worth it! - their teas are fabulous!). My mom opted to take a seat as I took full advantage of the tea tasting. When I went to retrieve my mom and show her my wonderful purchase - she had made friends with the manager. My mom offered up her seat for this young lady to eat her lunch using the side tables instead of the floor (ugh). KUDOS to mom, once the manager realized I had just left her store, she extended a free cup of tea to both my mom and I, of which, she made herself. NOW, my mom is an avid Lipton Tea drinker, the sweet cold tea was so good, mom drank it all (that is saying a lot for TEAVANA tea.) Thank you TEAVANA for your great service and being so kind to my mom and I.

It had been a few years since I had visited Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, Colorado. It is always a beautiful drive.
I took a  drive up to Celestial Seasonings, to pick up some Sleepytime Tea for my mom. (the tea works..). At Celestial Seasonings you can take a tour of their factory, visit their tasting room to try some of the new flavors (there is also a small gallery of artwork at the tasting room). Stop by the cafe, garden and tea shop. Of course I had to try some of their new products, like the Kombucha, a lot healthier than soda. While I was their I picked up some of my favorites and a new flavor for me Morning Thunder. At the shop you will some products that ate not sold in the grocery stores...Earl Grey....you will other goodies for your household, beauty products (The Tea Bath is one of may favorites) and more. I was happy to see that they have chapstick in some of their flavors....
Celestial Seasonings Tea Culinary Kids
If you are resident or visitor in Colorado, be sure to take a trip up to Boulder, CO and visit their factory. Bring the kids they will enjoy themselves. Don't forget to see the garden also. Register to receive emails you will get recipes using their teas, like one listed below. At Celebration Of Children's Culinary Kids we always tell the parents to have fun in the kitchen, play with the food, play with the recipes you'll never know what you will come up with eating healthy can taste good.

Happy Tea Tasting
~ Noami