Ever have a design block?

Every designer/artist has experienced creative blocks. There are several things I do, when creative slumps happen. Here are my TOP 6 DESIGN BLOCK BUSTERS! This can also apply to getting creative ideas and inspirations.

1. Go People Watching: Take a lunch break or any break, bring a pencil and sketch while you are people watching. People are fun and interesting subjects. Maybe, you are not into people watching, instead sketch our nature or the architecture.

2. Go to the bookstore or library. Design is all over the place in bookstores and libraries. The great thing about bookstores and libraries is that you can take your time read a couple of pages in a book, appreciate great cover design and page layout and/or study material in your vocation.

3. Cook, craft or paint. Getting away from the computer and focusing on another task can clear your thoughts. Giving yourself time to think about something else, just might be give you the inspiration you need.

4. Stay Social. Visiting sites like Behance, Pinterest, Flickr and Etsy could fuel the creative juices when you see what other creative types are doing. There is so many great designs out there - you will be inspired. NOTE: give yourself a time limit - you could end up spending hours surfing all the lovely images.

5. Indulge in the arts. Go see a play, a musical, visit the museum, visit a couple of galleries or take a behind the scene tour of an opera house. Give yourself time to enjoy the arts and see things from a different perspective.
(image credit: theepochtimes.com)

6. Go window shopping. Design overlaps into fashion, home decor, and graphic design. Take a walk through a store, see how advertisements are placed throughout. Admire window displays throughout the seasons of what's in trend.
(image credit: solodovepr.com)