Graphic Design Tip - Different Kinds of Menus

More Menu Ideas

Staying on the topic of MENUS for this month, their several different kinds of menus to design for.
Restaurant Menus, Take-Out Menus, Bar Menus, Catering Menus, Wedding and Dinner Party Menus. Whatever menus that are being design should reflect the theme for the occasion. If you are a designer looking for inspiration or you are in need of a menu design, inspiration can be found in several places.

Restaurant Branding:

designed by Oat Creative Studio
La Vittoria Branding

 Bar Menus:

Chilli Club Cocktails
The Commons Bar

Dinner Menus:

Birthday Dinner Menu
Luncheon Menu

Unique marketing ideas for restuarants:

Unique marketing

Urban Plate restuarant branding