School supplies aren't just for students

I am a fan of Back-To-School season. It's a time to see what new products, like crayola, have come out, help out students & teachers with their school supply needs at participating school supply drives and its also a time stock up office supplies.

Folders or Portfolio?
Folders are great for your leave-behind resume/portfolio.
Folders from Target
Notebook paper filler for business folder.
Having a notebook helps to track ideas and plan for upcoming projects and events.
Notebook paper from Albertson's
Stock up on the little things.
Pencils, pens, erasers, crayons are things designers & artists use regularly.
Pencils/Erasers from Target.  Crayons, pencil case and pens from Walmart.
Backpack/Art bag essentials.
Back-To-School season always makes available necessities for all.
Halo from QVC, Carmex from Walmart, other goodies from Albertson's
Get Organized.
Back-To-School season offers the opportunity to organize your space with storage pieces, pick up a calendar and other organizational tools.
Schools supplies from Target and Walgreens