Blogmas Day 4 - Chocolate Fest

Chocolate Heaven

Another reason why I love the Holidays so much is being able to go to craft shows/art festivals and support small businesses. This season I had the opportunity to be a part of a festival for the 2nd time, The Holiday Chocolate Festival, to paint live using chocolate syrup as a medium. The Holiday Chocolate Festival has chocolatiers from all over Colorado come and share their delicious creations and compete for Best In Show/People's Choice. If you love wine and/or beer - you will learn about great chocolate pairings.
An array of chocolatiers and other vendors
Found this beautiful imagery on Pinterest.
Chocolate syrup behaves like watercolor.
I used Great Value chocolate syrup and Hersey's Carmel Syrup.
Keep adding layers....
Didn't get to finish all of it, it got cold and syrup began to thicken.
Still happy with what I do have