12 month ornament challenge #5 May

Ornament #5 Blue Bird

Now that Spring is here, the sun lights the sky early and the birds wake me up singing every morning.
I have this glitter blue bird for awhile and thought it would be fitting to welcome Spring and wait with expectation for Summer. 
Inspiration: Blue glitter bird by Ashlands, I found at Michaels
1. Blue Glitter (I used Martha Stewart)
2. Blue glitter holiday picks from Hobby Lobby
3. Blue acrylic paint
4. White snowflakes garland from Hobby Lobby
5. Used light bulb
6. Hot glue gun

Blue glitter by Martha Stewart, Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, Blue picks from Hobby Lobby, large paint brush and white snowflakes garland
Upclose glitter blue bird from Michaels for May Ornament
Upclose side profile of May ornament for 12 month ornament challenge, blue ornament by Noami Foster
Final upclose blue bird ornament for May for the 12 month ornament challenge by Noami Foster

Thank you for stopping by and hope you are having a marvelous Spring.
~ Noami

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