From Winter to Spring

Ready for Spring?

It is easy to change your decor from Winter Spring.
Changing out flowers and small items will bring the outdoor changing of colors indoors. Here's what I did for my guest bathroom.

For this project you'll need:
2 Spring Floral bunches
2 Candles
2 clear or frosted Candle holders
10x10 Scrapbook Paper
X-Acto knife
Wire clippers

with the Scrapbook paper, measure the depth of your candle holder, cut accordingly. The 10x10 paper worked well for the inner length. You can use fashion measuring tape to get an exact measurement of the circumference.

Found the Happy Chick candle on sale at JCPenny,
Flowers bouquet and paper from Michaels.

Place scrapbook paper inside the candle holder.
I cut down the length of the flowers to fit inside the holder.
Repeat the process for the second candle holder.

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~ Noami

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