Current and Michaels Haul - Create in advance

I like to prepare well in advance
for special events and occasions.

Spring and Summer is when I plan for the Holidays. It keeps on track and on budget.
This Spring and Summer, I'll show you a few ideas that are budget friendly. 
Spring Notecards, gemstones, flatbacks, spring ribbon, holiday stationery from Current Factory Outlet and Michaels
Visiting 2nd hand stores, consignment shops, outlet stores and flea markets can be fun.
There is a lot of treasures to be found, June is Noami at home, I'll share
some really cute ideas that have come out of those finds.
Noami At Home notecards on antique floral tea kettles and cups for Current Factory Outlet
 Join me for Christmas In July: Craft, DIY, Food, and Holiday planning.
 I'm on month 5 for the 12 month ornament challenge. Click image below to see past ornaments.
images of red, white, gold sparkle vector ornaments, design by Noami Foster for onejdesigns