12 month ornament challenge #6 June

Ornament #6 Red Glitz

We are at the half-way mark for the 12 month ornament challenge.YEAH!
Summer is close, colors get brighter and more vibrant. Red is one of my favorite colors and I wanted to create an ornament that was shiny and bright.
Inspiration: Small red ribbon ornaments and small red sparkle balls, I found at Hobby Lobby last holidiay.
1. Red glitter
2. Red paint
3. Small sparkly red ribbons and ball (Hobby Lobby)
4. Red ribbon
5. White caulk
6. Hot glue gun

holding a small red sparkly bow ornament and red sparkly ball
caulk, red ribbon, red glitter, small red sparkly bow and ballside profile of red glitz ornament and red ribbon

Thank you for stopping by and hope you are having a marvelous Spring.
~ Noami

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