Michaels and Dollar Tree Haul

I love pre-planning for the seasons and holidays, this week I took a creative trip to two of my favorite craft stores. Picked up a few items for next month's Christmas In July blog and Fall Into Autumn series coming in September. Super excited that I walked into Michaels 70% off sale! and found a few items at Dollar Tree.

Michaels black and white tote bag and one Dollar Tree bag HAUL
Michaels and Dollar Tree Haul.
blue painters tape, green glass tea light holder, floral solars, peanut chews from Dollar Tree
Half of the items are for a craft project and the other half are just personal likes - all from Dollar Tree.
2 small vases, ceramic white owl, glass jar with purple cap, brown paint.from Michaels
With the exception of the paint, these items I'll use for bookshelf decor....soon as I get bookshelves.
pink pencils, pink journal, white plastic frame from Michaels
For my desk at work.
pastel, floral, hot pink, monogram tags from Michaels
Love the color on these, however the look will change for a Christmas DIY project next month.
2 pink, paris scapbooks from Michaels
I have the post card big storage box & photo box to match the scrapbook.
Black and white large plastic tote bag and wrapping paper from Michaels
Black and White inspiration for the 12 month ornament challenge.
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