12 month ornament challenge #8

August Ornament #8 Laffy Taffy

I was given a small glass filled with different flavors of Laffy Taffy to keep at work. Green apple is my favorite flavor, but remember the banana flavor packaging, bright and fun, it brought me back to my childhood.
Inspiration: Banana Laffy Taffy 
1. Pink beading
2. Gold beads
3. Magenta beads
4. Yellow ribbon
5. Yellow paint
7. White caulk
8. Hot glue gun

apple barrel yellow craft paint, americana yellow craft paint and a tube of kwik seal adhesive caulk
pink strain of beads and gold strain of beads
yellow light bulb ornament by Noami Foster for 12 month ornament challenge
upclose image of yellow light ornament by Noami Foster

Thank you for stopping by.
~ Noami

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