Ornament Challenge December Ornament #12

December Ornament #12 - Santa Suit

I was given a uniquely shaped used glass bulb to use for the Ornament Challenge, and since it's Christmas time, I was inspired by all Santa's you see at the malls, ringing bells and delivering packages to ones who so deserve it.
Inspiration: Santa Suit
1. used light bulb
2. hot glue
3. hot glue gun
4. red picks from Michaels
5. red glitter and red jingle bells from Hobby Lobby
6. white ribbon
7. kwik seal caulk
8. gold metallic marker

kwik seal caulk, red glitter, round red picks, gold metallic marker
a jar of red glitter, finished sanat suit ornament with red glitter and decoden.
December ornament challenge by Noami Foster

Have a Merry Christmas
~ Noami

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