YouTube inspired Owl Pillows

My sister sent my mom material and wanted to do something with them. I found a few no sew owl pillow DIYs on YouTube and decided to give them a try. These are my "UGLY" Owl Pillows. I think they turned out cute.
What you'll need: 
  • Material of your choice
  • Felt to match the material
  • Marker or chalk
  • Paper for your template
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
 Owl pattern made out of newprint paper 
1 - I folded the paper in half, drew out my owl on one side, then cut out the template, drew the wing on the other side.
2 - placed the template on top of the fabric and used chalk to out lin.
 2 owl shape apple print cut material 
3rd - cut out 2 pieces.
owl wing template and green felt 
4. cut out the wing from the owl template and made two wings with the felt fabric. 
5. You can create the eyes at the size you want, I used the bottom of mugs.
Created a small triangle using the green felt material.
Hot glue gun with apple material cut out in the shape of an owl
6. Face the outside fabric towards each other, hot glue together the edges all around, leaving an opening for the pillow stuffing.
front of the owl pillow with pillow stuffing
Fill the pillow with pillow stuffing. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
3 ugly owl pillows created by Noami Foster
You can create your own patterns and the size that works for your.

Some of my favorite YouTube Owl Pillow Videos:

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Noami

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