Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas gift bag collection

When I see unique gift bags, I will usually buy it and keep it. I've started a small Christmas gift collection with beautiful and hard to find images. I'll be holding on to these for a while. Most of these bags came from The Dollar Tree.

Black Santa Claus caring gifts and Black Santa Claus face on giift bags from The Dollar Tree
Black Santa Clause with elves and gifts and Black Female angel printed on a gift bag.
African American Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manager and black female angel printed on a gift bag.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's my Christmas In July Collective Haul ❤

I am one of those people that will do my holiday shopping early, even way before Black Friday. Since, this years theme is "Paper Edition" most of what I purchased for the holidays is for DIY projects and art projects requiring paper. Hand made gifts are my favorite! I did find some home decor treasures too.
Let's began...
*** Everything below was purchased on sale 50% or more, warehouse pricing and/or with coupons.***

1st up! The Art Shoppe in Aurora, CO

Shadow Stix from the 5B and 6B Art Shoppe
New drawing utensils to try.
3 Illustration boards from the Art Shoppe
This year I want to create my own word art for the holidays.

Next Up: Current Factory Outlet.

stationery and stickers from Current Factory Outlet.
Not sure what I will do with these.
Mickey Mouse mug from Current Factory Outlet
My sister is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, this will be a great stocking stuffer.
3 piece owl tea set from Current Factory Outlet
I saw this cute guy and wanted for my Fall home decor.
3 piece owl tea set from Current Factory Outlet
owl tea pot taken a part.
6 magnetic reindeer heads from Current Factory Outlet
Cute magnets for the refrigerator this Christmas.
3 packs of treat boxes, 3 cat note pads, 3 paris note pads from Current Factory Outlet
Treat boxes and note pads, more stocking stuffer ideas.
Christmas calories don't count sign from Current Factory Outlet
Had to get this sign for the office. People always bring in treats at the holidays.
Cookie Plate kit and Snowflake wall art from Current Factory Outlet
Love these. Look forward to trying them both.


a pack of "I'm thankful" place card holders and fall owl craft from Hobby Lobby
Fall decor and DIY Idea
Micron 01 Black Pen from Hobby Lobby and Master Artist White Eraser from the Art Shoppe
New pen to try out and white eraser from the Art Shoppe.
2 Pumpkin Spice votive candle from Hobby Lobby
Fall scents to appreciate.
Christmas Ornaments and stickers from Hobby Lobby
Stickers and ornaments for craft projects.

Side stop at Kirkland's

2 sachet packs and Silicon spatula with measurements from Kirklands
Scented Sachets and spatula make great additions for gift baskets.
backside of 2 sachet packs and Silicon spatula with measurements from Kirklands
love the measurements on the spatula.

Birthday Shopping at Michaels. 

I got a birthday coupon and a 50% off coupon - I made two trips.
Faber Castel Black India Ink Pen from Michaels
Another pen to play with.
Strathmore Artagain black drawing paper from Michaels
I wanted to test and see if this is different from pastel/charcoal paper.
Letraet Metallic Marker from Michaels
and MORE pens to try out.
pink and white paper straws from Michaels
I saw these in a craft project for craft shows and wanted to try the craft project myself.

My favorite place ever! Willowstone Antiques Marketplace 

A place for local vendors and businesses to sell their handmade, antiques, and collector items. I love supporting local small businesses and this place offers a wide variety of goods.
2 antique christmas postcards from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
Beautiful antique Christmas postcards
Large BINGO cards from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
Empty cigar box from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
My secret obsession - collecting cigar boxes.
Thoughts of you handmade greeting card from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
Hand made Thank you card.
Thinking of you handmade card from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
Thinking of You hand made card
old scrabble board from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace.
This is going to be a craft project for the holidays.
Wolverine Bloodlust comic book from Willowstone Antiques Marketplace
Bought this for the illustrations inside.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Ornament #7

Ornament #7 - Angel Face 

I was cleaning out my storage area and found these old angel heads holiday gems from Hobby Lobby Holiday shoppe line I purchased many years ago.
Inspiration: The color gold from the angel faces.
1. Angel face
2. Copper and Red holiday picks
3. Black ribbon
4. Old light bulb
5. White caulk
6. Copper glitter (Martha Stewart)
7. Hot glue & hot glue gun

deep red holiday picks, copper glitter, kwik sealgold angel head from Hobby Lobby holiday shoppe
July Ornament 2014 for 12 month ornament challenge

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
~ Noami

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Christmas In July or wait...Thanksgiving?

Fall/Thanksgiving can be an enjoyable time, sharing a meal or moments with family and friends. I cannot believe half the year is over and we are already in the second half, but it is, so lets start preparing for the Holidays. Below are pics of beautiful Fall border paper from Paper Direct and 3 ways to use them. I hope the samples below inspires you for any Fall project!
Vintage Fall Border Paper and Crescent Envelope from Paper Direct
Vintage Fall Border Paper and Crescent Envelope.
Upclose photo Vintage Fall Border Paper and Crescent Envelope from Paper Direct
Vintage Fall Border Crescent Envelope and 2 round seals from Paper Direct.
Vintage Fall Border Crescent Envelope and 2 round seals.
Below are 3 design samples for using the Vintage Fall Border Paper.
Thank you letter using Vintage Fall Letter Paper from Paper Direct designed by Noami Foster.
 Sample #1 - Thank You letter.
An Invitation letter using Vintage Fall Letter Paper from Paper Direct designed by Noami Foster.
Sample #2 - Invitation.
Thanksgiving Menu with prices using Vintage Fall Letter Paper from Paper Direct designed by Noami Foster.
Sample #3 - Menu.
*** websites provided in spec samples are fictional***

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Christmas In July - I'll have a Blue Christmas

Why be traditional?

You don't have to only use evergreen and holly, green
and red to celebrate the holidays.

Blue, white and silver colors are clean, fresh, and inviting, a perfect color choice when promoting any event you may have this season, and think of all the fun you'll have choosing just the right candy, drinks and to celebrate. I've put together some beautiful promotional examples using the Cobalt Blue postcard and crescent envelope from Paper Direct. I hope you find inspiration and great ideas for your Holiday promotions and events.
Cobalt Christmas Postcards from Paper Direct front and back design
Front and back view of the Cobalt Blue postcard.
Upclose photo of Cobalt Christmas Postcard and Envelope with a strand of blue beads from Paper Direct
Postcard and envelope.
Upclose photo of the Cobalt Christmas Envelope front from Paper Direct
 Front view of envelope up close.
Back view of envelope up close.
 Upclose photo of the Cobalt Christmas Postcard from Paper Direct
View of postcard up close.
Below are 3 Design samples using 

Cobalt Blue Postcard and Envelope

(Business is fictional - only for speculative design)
Season's Greeting - Web & Social Media Presence
 Season's Greeting - Web & Social Media Presence

Christmas Sale Postcard Promotion.
 Christmas Sale Postcard Promotion.
Exclusive Invitation - Postcard / Envelope.
Exclusive Invitation - Postcard / Envelope.

BONUS DESIGN - Marketing Material
vintage trends recipe card
Recipe Postcard - Great way to share social media with your clients
(mailer, in-store marketing)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Christmas In July Paper Edition #1

Bringing the holidays into your office space

I wanted to post this before the 4th. Holiday ideas are flowing freely here.
Wrapping paper is not just for presents. Below I've used Christmas wrapping paper from Current Factory Outlet store to cover a tissue box, composition book and pencils. If you don't want to use wrapping paper, scrapbook paper will work also.
Tacky Glue, brush, Christmas wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, scissors and a ruler.
Tacky Glue, brush, Christmas wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, scissors and a ruler.
 Tacky glue the front of your composition book
  Tacky glue the front of your composition book and place the wrapping paper on top.
Do the same for the backside of the composition book.

Blue scrapbook paper and pica ruler on newspaper
 Measure and cut a square the same size as the composition square.
Wrap tissue box, leave an opening where the tissue box has a whole.
Learn this from my colleague Cherish Fliedler - Modge Podge pencil.
Tacky Glue a pencil all around, leaving the eraser exposed, rolled the wrapping
paper around the pencil and seal with tacky glue.
Final pieces.
wrapping paper diy composition book, tissue box and 3 pencils
Use your favorite holiday paper to dress up your office desk.
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Have a Happy 4th of July!