Wednesday, December 19, 2012

October & November's DIY projects

apothecary jars with lush bath bombs and gold and silver owl
OCTOBER 2012 DIY Project: Apothecary Jars
apothecary jars with lush bath bombs and gold and silver owl
NOVEMBER 2012 DIY Projects: Re-Purposed Owl Tea Light Holder

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Cover Designs US, UK, Movie

October is National Book Month. Though we are taught never to judge a book by its cover, as a graphic designer I can appreciate great book cover designs.
It wasn't until I began purchasing books online that I realized how one book can have multiple designs. US books and UK books can have different designs for one book, for varying different reasons, book to movie designs; once a book hits the theatres, a cover design may change for a short time to encourage individuals to purchase the book, also special edition books can get revised look. Let's not forget books that have been reprinted. Those books can have several different covers to fit the time and or audience. 

On the next tab I found a few books that have different designs based on the country, Books that have been reprinted and books that have become books and have a cover change.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Childrens Book Illustrations

Our theme for this month has been Book Cover Designs.
Why? October is National Book Month and as a graphic designer you appreciate good design, page layout, typography all the comes with putting together books.
Wonderstruck pencil illustration
By far my favorite books are Children's Books. I love picture books with amazing illustrations. The illustrations help tell the story. Being an artist myself, most of what I do, tells a story anyways and it is a wonderful opportunity to tell a story for someone else by taking their words and making pictures out of them. For little ones it helps in their picture/word recognition, see how emotions are expressed, just a great way to relate words to imagery.

For 2012 I have to say WONDERSTRUCK by Brian Selnick is my favorite illustrated book. The book is written and illustrated by Brian Selnick.

If you have the opportunity, check out the website for Wonderstruck.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great book cover ideas

Specialty book cover design
Their are different styles for book cover design.
Check out this article I found "12 great book cover ideas "

Typography Book Cover Design

Ellen Hopkin book cover design
It is not easy designing book covers. Millions of books get published each year and each book is in competition with each other in hopes that it will jump out at the reader. In my quest for finding really good typographic book cover design, I got reminded of this book series by my niece who is an avid reader. Designing with just type can be even more difficult in a world full of imagery. I enjoy seeing really good typography for books that tell the reader what the book is about. Ellen Hopkins Young Adult books does just that. These use the right typeface and color for each title of the book communicates the content of book effectively.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is National Book Month

We have been taught, not to judge a book by its cover.
As a graphic designer, we can appreciate a good book cover design.
October's theme is good book cover design, page layout, children's books, graphic novels/comic books all of which takes creativity and artistic ability.
from the launch of El Huffington Post in Madrid, Spain. Work looking at some familiar books.

Eragon, Eldest and Brsinger books on display

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall weddings are in the air

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Hear in Colorado the leaves begin changing to beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is also Wedding Season.

I appreciate good graphic design for wedding materials it is the small details that adds to how beautiful can be from the Save The Date announcements to the final Thank You card that gets sent out.

This is a great idea for table setting. Graphic designed by In The Now Wedding, event hosted by Green Wedding Shoes. The design were full of personality at the same time maintained elegance.
Well Done!

Table numbers graphic design cards pinned on a dress form

My pic as one of the TOP 3 Wedding Songs: 
"Better Today" Coffey Anderson

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Package Design/Store Display

Too faced lip insurance and bare minerals eye lip primer
I was out and about today, and I wanted to share with you my ULTA Haul. It has been a while since I'd been in ULTA. I wanted share these package design with you.

These package design has 2 elements
1. The package that holds the product
2. The box design that holds the package

bareMinerals (eyelid primer) has a simple, clean look while Too Faced (lip primer) has a very feminine embellished look. Both work. Color and font style play a big part in targeting these products. One is youthful and the other is mature. Package design adds to the cost of a product too! both are high end products. If you ever go into an ULTA look at how products are displayed. On one side of the store is products you will find at any drugstore on the other is High End brands. The high end brands have strategic displays that showcase their products.

How successful are your favorite products at branding & marketing?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


As designers, we have a unique advantage when it comes to doodling. We don’t just doodle to keep our minds focused — we also deliberately sketch ideas in order to problem solve and to get immediate feedback from clients and peers.
excerpt from "I Draw Pictures All Day"

photo from:

Simple Doodle : Full view by PurplePopcornn

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art & Design

This will make you think!
What message could you send if you used both art and graphic design for a promotional piece??
Just a thought.

image from: