Childrens Book Illustrations

Our theme for this month has been Book Cover Designs.
Why? October is National Book Month and as a graphic designer you appreciate good design, page layout, typography all the comes with putting together books.
Wonderstruck pencil illustration
By far my favorite books are Children's Books. I love picture books with amazing illustrations. The illustrations help tell the story. Being an artist myself, most of what I do, tells a story anyways and it is a wonderful opportunity to tell a story for someone else by taking their words and making pictures out of them. For little ones it helps in their picture/word recognition, see how emotions are expressed, just a great way to relate words to imagery.

For 2012 I have to say WONDERSTRUCK by Brian Selnick is my favorite illustrated book. The book is written and illustrated by Brian Selnick.

If you have the opportunity, check out the website for Wonderstruck.