Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Package Design/Store Display

Too faced lip insurance and bare minerals eye lip primer
I was out and about today, and I wanted to share with you my ULTA Haul. It has been a while since I'd been in ULTA. I wanted share these package design with you.

These package design has 2 elements
1. The package that holds the product
2. The box design that holds the package

bareMinerals (eyelid primer) has a simple, clean look while Too Faced (lip primer) has a very feminine embellished look. Both work. Color and font style play a big part in targeting these products. One is youthful and the other is mature. Package design adds to the cost of a product too! both are high end products. If you ever go into an ULTA look at how products are displayed. On one side of the store is products you will find at any drugstore on the other is High End brands. The high end brands have strategic displays that showcase their products.

How successful are your favorite products at branding & marketing?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


As designers, we have a unique advantage when it comes to doodling. We don’t just doodle to keep our minds focused — we also deliberately sketch ideas in order to problem solve and to get immediate feedback from clients and peers.
excerpt from "I Draw Pictures All Day"

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Simple Doodle : Full view by PurplePopcornn