20 Things To Love about Autumn

20 Fall Loves
Autumn gives us every opportunity to live a life full of love and gratitude; Recognizing the little things, the precious moments makes us all grateful for what we do have.

1.   The cool / crisp weather
2.   Reading books
3.   Flannel shirts
4.   Fall candles
5.   The smell of bread baking
6.   Pumpkins
7.   Taking long walks
8.   Warm blankets and hot chocolate
9.   Snuggled up watching movies
10. Cozy socks
11. Apple pie, cherry pie, sweet potato pie in the oven
12. Holiday DIY projects
13. Hot Chai Tea
14. Chili and corn bread
15. Blowing leaves
16. People watching at Halloween
17. Laughter with friends
18. Caramel and candy apples
19. Sleeping in on cold days
20. Family
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