February 2013 favorites and things


peach bellineicandle from bath and body works, wild fern candle from Hobby LobbyCANDLE BURN

These two candles are my favorite scents for the Spring. As you can see I am almost finished with these. I burned both throughout the month of February. The Peach Bellini is from Bath & Body Works, it has a fruity smell (peach) very light not over powering, just makes you happy for spring. I like to burn this when I am felling playful and wanting to dance around the house. I also have the Peach Bellini in the wallflower scent, it last for more than 30 days. The Wild Fern is from Hobby Lobby, it smells like outdoors after spring rain. Again, it is not a strong scent. I love burning this scent when I want to relax and listen to some jazz. I would recommend this for men also, yes this is a unisex scent for the home. These are both on my repurchase list. Both I purchase on sale.
Multi grain peanut butter Cheerios and strawberry shortcake dunkin donuts instant coffee


I do not eat a lot of cereal, I have a few that I like and usually stick to those. I am a fan of Multi-grain Cheerios and I am of Peanut Butter, so when I saw this Mult-grain Peanut Butter Cheerios I have to give it a try. I like it! Emptied the whole box! I wasn't too sweet nor did it have a lot of peanut butter flavor, it had a nice balance. I am a tea drinker, not coffee, the only reason I will drink coffee is because I am super tired and need a "pick me up" even then I drown it with flavored creamer. But I was asked to try this. OMG I really enjoyed this flavor, Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake, I used a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk and a few tablespoons of Sweet Cream from International Delight, it takes like chocolate covered strawberries. It also had a nice aroma that reminded me of going to Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory. I think I'll try this over ice. I have already repurchase these.

Black pepper and ginger hand lotion

Hand Cream Review

Winter & Summer are by far the driest times of the year here in Colorado. I am always in search of really good hand lotion to keep my hands hydrated and not feeling all greasy/oily. I found this gem at World Market. It is 3oz tube of goodness. I bought this in November of 2012 and I still have a some cream left. Unlike other hand lotions & creams I have tried, you only need a small dab and it will cover both of your hands and keep them hydrated for a while. I keep this tube with me, everywhere I go. I will be repurchasing this again. I may try it in a different flavor. It is about $5 dollars a tube, but well worth it. This one is Black Pepper & Ginger, good for both men & women.

one book, the first lady by carl weber

Book Read

OMG! by the time I got to the end of this book, I was mad at the characters. Now that is some good writing by Carl Weber when as a reader you get drawn into the book. It didn't help that the characters reminded me of church folk I know. I know this is fiction, but it could very be based on real situations. This is one book in the Church Series. You can read more on my tumbler page.

a box of earl grey tea, a box of allegro jasmine tea and a box of allegro northwest minty green tea

    Tea Picks 

Last month I was in Colorado Springs and stopped by Whole Foods  and saw that they were having a sale on certain teas. Allegro coffee is a brand Whole Foods sells at their coffee counter, because I am quickly becoming a fan of Jasmine Tea, I had to pick it to give it a try. I've never had mint tea, still waiting to give it a try. The Earl Grey Tea I found at Dollar Tree. My absolute favorite out of all 3 picks, is the $1 Earl Grey Tea it is as good as TAZO's Earl Grey Tea. I will be going back for a few more boxes. If you are in need of a relaxing tea, the Jasmine Tea is perfect, the aroma is amazing and the flavor is light & flowerly.