Importance of good page layout

Children's outreach project brochure
Children's Outreach Project designed by Noami Foster of 

Visual Appeal: 
Designing pages in a magazine, book, or self-promotional booklet require many design considerations. What makes a print design more attractive than others? Is it unique fonts? Is it a plain design or a bold design? Well, it could be all of the above.

It is important to produce a print design that speaks to the persons you are trying to reach. The key is knowing your audience. What purpose will it serve?

The text you use, the font and the wording you choose is also really important of getting your message across. Your design needs to be readable. If the person can't see through the design to get the information, then the design has failed. Little things like kerning, tracking, leading, as well as widows & orphans can affect the aesthetics of a page layout, pay close attention to the little things.

The colors and how those colors are placed in your design will often be the first contact your customers will see and they will form an opinion pretty quickly about your company and services.


Size of your layout helps in conveying your message. Will this be a post card, flyer, brochure, poster, banner, etc. The size will determine how much information will be able to fit in the space allowed. For example a full page ad in a magazine will have a lot more real estate to work with than a 4" X 6" postcard.

A grid is a useful in providing balance and proportion to a design layouts. Grids can be helpful in page layouts in drawing the eye to key points. Margins may vary depending upon the publication as well as designing with bleeds marks.

To create clear hierarchy, you direct the attention effectively from the most important information to the least important information, there needs to be directional queues using typography and graphic elements. You should always have in mind the end user and how they are going to see and view the message. You have to direct their eyes step by step through the visual message, remember you have an audience you are trying to reach.