Mom's Christmas Essentials

Red christmas ornaments with silver ribbon, pine cones and pine needles on top of white snow.
While I was planning "Christmas In July", my mom offered ideas of what to try, cook and blog about. Because mom shared some great ideas, I asked "What top 10 must have Christmas essentials everyone should have ?".  It was hard to condensed all of her ideas down to 10, but here are her favorites.

It's Mom's Top 10 Must Have Christmas Essentials

1. Holiday Fund: Open a Christmas fund at your local credit union. Opening a Christmas Fund can be done with the entire family putting away a certain amount each month and when the Holidays come, you have the funding you need. Plan a budget, use cash and stick to it.

2. Christmas Tree:
  No, you don't have to have a large Christmas tree, we had a table top tree until my brother and I were in high school.

3. Food: Not too many things in life are better than good food and fellowship. All people come together around food which makes for great fellowship.

4. Family and/or Friends: spend holidays with family & friends is so important to strengthen your relationships. Maybe you can't spend time with family or friends, but you can give of your time and volunteer.

5. Indoor/Outdoor lights: Lights just help make things festive. (optional)

6. Great Christmas Desserts Recipes: Break out the cookbooks and make something! Have kids? Make it family time in the kitchen.

7. Scented Candles: Can create a warm holiday retreat for yourself or for entertaining friends.

8. Christmas Music: Usually right after Halloween, certain radio stations will begin playing Christmas music, turn the radio up and enjoy.

9. Love:
Being a giver. The holidays are the perfect time to give, and show love towards others. You can donate financial, donate food, presents or time to many local organizations.

10: Christmas Pajamas: Is a tradition in our house. New pajamas are given out every Christmas Eve.

Check out our Pinterest board #DressedInHolidayStyle for ideas and inspiration.