A lot of Thanksgiving

Often times I take a moment to stop and reflect on the blessings in my life, it always gives me a fresh perspective on all things, here are some reasons I am thankful.

Today I am Thankful for
1. God's grace and His mercy and his Liberty
2. Family Time - I enjoy spending time with my family
3. Chalk Festivals - It gives me the opportunity to travel and see the country
4. Flea Markets/Antique shops - Love finding treasures
5. Sleep/Rest
6. Knowledge - It has brought extra income
7. Little things - Nice to know you are thought of.
8. Smiles & Laughter - healing for the soul
9. Laying on the couch drinking chai tea & watching movies
10. Peace, Joy & Love
11. Friends
12. Music - all kinds
13. Being able to see & hear
14. Being able to share
15. The gift of being creative