If We Had Tea Together #3

The Creative Side Of Me Wants To Believe.

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If we had tea today and fellowship one on one, We'd celebrate the 7th Anniversary of The True Colors Collection. I'd tell you about some of the adventures, life experiences and people I have met along the way.

If we had fellowship one on one, I'd offer you a cup of Jasmine Tea and perhaps have a light brunch. I'd tell you about the upcoming Spring and Summer events I've been invited to be a part and invite you to come to the openings.

If we had tea today and fellowship one on one, I'd tel you what new things I've learned in marketing, all through personal research. I’d share with you the ups and downs, mostly downs I've experienced with the new career path. You'd remind me, that God has me their for reason and to see things from God's perspective.
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If we had tea today, I'd tell you about these wonderful ideas I have for this career I am on and the many difficulties of facing an old mindset culture of people, how it saddens me that a once great company is in danger of closing it's doors because of that mind set. You'd tell me of God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit and to be full of Spirit everyday, regardless of what others do or say. I'd realize the creative side of me wants to believe the best.

As we finish up our tea talk, I'd remind you to go check out part of the collection hanging at Cheyenne Mtn. Library, what a blessing it has been to have the collection hang on gallery wall space in celebration of its anniversary.

If you had joined me at my table for some tea, I'd pray with you before you left over anything you wanted to pray, I would give you a big Holy hug and expect to hear from you very soon.

Love and Blessings to you, thank you for the visit and come back soon. 
~ Noami

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