Welcome to Fall Into Autumn

Hello ALL,
Welcome to Fall Into Autumn. It is the first time I've ever done Fall Into Autumn. Fall is my favorite time of the year, as it is with many people. But I wanted share some of my favorite foods, activities, clothing, art, craft, home decor, etc. with you and also share some ideas from guest bloggers.

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This weekend I took a trip over to Target, to pick up some breakfast items and found myself in Thanksgiving/Christmas isles. One of my favorite fall candy is Candy Corn----YUMM! A fellow shopper was looking for Candy Corn also and told me she loves to mix it with nuts. I'd never tried Candy Corn with nuts, so I thought "what the heck - I'll give it a try" The combination of Candy Corn and nuts tastes a lot like BabyRuth. WOW! My first batch lasted only 3 days.............

This is how I did it.

Step 1: Buy ingredients.

I'm sure you can find these ingredients anywhere, I was at Target and that's I used Target's brand Market Pantry. Brach's does have Candy Corn with nuts already added; I wanted to control how much and the kind nuts to add to snack mix. I used both Cocktail Peanuts and Cashew halves.
market pantry cashews, market pantry cocktail peanuts, brachs candy corn
All ingredients are from Target

  Step 2: Mix together

There is no exact measurements for mixing the ingredients. Mix according to your own preference.
I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. A combination of salt & sweet - BabyRuth by the handful.

peanut candy corn snack mix with cornucopia and seasonal flowers

Step 3: ENJOY!

This is a great mix to add to your kids lunch, take to work or leave out for everyone to enjoy.
If you are a BabyRuth fan, you will enjoy this snack.
Here's a link to DIY Gum Ball jar.
DIY gumball jar and cashew, peanut, candy corn mix