WTF - Personalized

Fall Into Autumn's WTF

Where's The Food

Fall is for baking. Most of the time I am baking for myself or a friend, so it's nice to have to small portion recipes that easy to make and ready to bake. Here are two of my personal size recipes.
Upclose image of home made personal pan pizza  
Personal Pan Pizza
ingredients: ready make pizza dough, pasta sauce, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, 
2 garlic cloves, shredded cheese, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage, 
chopped jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, and spinach leaves.
spaghetti sauce, colby cheese, turkey breakfast sausage, turkey pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, crushed jalapeno, spinach
 Ingredients I picked up from Albertson's and Target
pizza dough and spaghetti sauce
 I used round cake pan, sprayed with olive oil.
all ingredients on top of pizza dough
 add my favorite ingredients...
personal pan pizza baking in the oven
 follow pizza dough baking instructions.
delicious personal pan pizza
 Delicious homemade pan pizza.

Personal size Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Ingredients that make Pineapple Upside Down Cake - upside down.
  Baking means using new bakeware, love my temp-tations.
I used Crisco to oil the dishes
 Used a box mix this time.
 Filled each dish.
 Had some sure each dish is of equal portion.
Personal sized Pineapple Upside Down Cake.