Pumpkin Vignettes

Pumpkin Decor
Last year I was given a few foam pumpkins from Michaels. This for Fall decor, I wanted to create small vignettes around my home that would last throughout the Holiday seasons. I wanted to skip the sharp knives stenciles and spray paint and still create some beautiful pumpkins. Paint, Glitter and Glue is all you need. All pumpkins, glitter, glue from Michaels

Glitter Pumpkin

Draw out the pattern you want, use paint brush or sponge to apply glue, add glitter.
This process does take a while, let glitter/glue dry completely before adding new glitter.
I like using different textures of glitter.
Glitter vignette is taken outdoors. I love the colors.
Glitter pumpkin vignette with pumpkin, owl, and ombre wine bottle.
Above: Owl from Target, ombre painted - upcycled wine bottle, 
floral from Dollar Tree, painted glass pumpkin stand from Arc Thrift store.

Ombre Pumpkin

I used the tacky glue to create the a design. Allow to dry for 12 hrs before painting.
More painting.
Ombre is a gradient from light to dark. I choose these colors to match my bathroom decor.
Makes for a beautiful vignette in the bathroom. Above: Floral from Michaels
And another....
I created the pink glitter pumpkin last year, a few my favorite colors, a welcome sight in the kitchen.