If We Had Tea #4

Spring Is Here!

Greem tea frappaccino, Snap Pea candle and journal
If we had tea today and fellowship one on one, I suggest we meet at Starbucks for some green tea frappuccino. I'd tell you about these new candle scents I found at Bath and Body works. You'd know that Spring is one of my favorie times of the year. 

If we had tea, I'd tell you about the projects I am working, I've learned to journal all my ideas and create a strategy. I'd show this book I picked up at Barnes and Noble and how I made a commitment to try at least 2 recipes for every cookbook I buy. You'd share your favorite recipes with me and we'd talk how much fun it is to fellowship around food.

Double Delicious recipe book
If we had tea, I'd tell you about the challenges on the job and how God's grace keeps me focused. You'd remind me of the real reason God places us in situations and each one of is important in the Kingdom and what a great impact we can make for the Kingdom. I'd tell you of the wonderful ideas I have, knowing it's from the Holy Spirit, we'd agree in prayer that God's will - WILL BE DONE.
purple craft paint, purple picks, purple craft flowers and purple paint swatches
If we had tea today and fellowship one on one, I'd express how much fun I've been having with the ornament challenge for year, you'd recommend some other creative ideas to try and perhaps recommend a craft show for later this year. 

If we had tea today and fellowship one on one, I'd tell you every thing I have learned professionally over the last 2 years has prepared me for the career I am in right now. I'd tell you to continue to listen to the voice of God, follow the path he has you on and things will be created for you.

As we finish up our tea time, I'd ask if you have any prayer needs, we'd pray, because we understand we must pray without ceasing, then we'd plan for our next tea.

If you had joined me for some tea, it would have been nice to spend time with you.

much love to you, thank you for the visit and come back soon. 
~ Noami