9 Creative Summer Projects

Summer can be a challenge to stay creative. Create projects for yourself to keep the juices flowing. I like adding projects where I can be around other people; having a different perspective only strengthens your skills

Summer Projects: Art, Craft Design

Art Project Ideas:
1. Take an art class
2. Draw in the park - Plein Air art
3. Paint your favorite quote on a canvas.

Craft Project:
1. Give yourself a $10 budget to purchase products for a craft idea.
2. Refurbish an old craft project to make it new.
3. Find a craft project on Pinterest or YouTube and recreate it.

Design Project:
1. Redesign one of your favorite book cove.
2. Design a poster using type.
3. Illustrate any animal.

*** background of the image below is from a note card I found at Current Factory Outlet store in Colorado Springs, CO It has beautiful texture and silver foil.
Silver Star ornament with blue swirls note card over head shot.
Silver Star ornament with blue swirls note card upclose shot.