Here's something different with ornaments #1

 Black and Silver Ornament Gift Box

Black and Silver Ornament Box

Alphabet box, silver bulbs, silver ribbons, black santa boots, black top hat, black krylon paint
Dollar Tree has come out with some cute and elegant ornaments this year.
I had in mind to re-purpose a box I got from Unique Thrift Store. I chose silver and black for my color palette.
Children alphabet box and black krylon paint
Black box
Because of the slick surface, I had to use primer before spraying the box black.
3 coats of spray paint.
silver glitter
I used modge podge and silver glitter to create the ribbon on the sides of the box.
black santa boots and silver glitter bow
black santa boots, silver bulb, black snowman hat, and silver glitter bow
I added the ornaments to the lid of the box.
~ Happy Holidays.