Desk Decor for Spring

Whether you have a small business and work from home or work at remote office, changing your office décor seasonally can make your space fun and more productive place to work. Adding bursts of bright color, energetic patterns, and springtime motifs to your desk area will help your transition into spring.  Much like last year's Spring Up You Desk blog, I wanted to created pieces that were simple, artistic and inexpensive.
blue picture frame with pink dots
picture with white dots and pink, black white stripes
Had an old frame I wanted to use, but I did not like the pattern.
Instead of purchasing a new frame, I spray painted one I already had.
1 can of krylon metallic gold spray paint and 1 gold picture frame
1 can of black krylon paint and 1 black picture frame
After 3 coats of metallic gold and black spray paint 
Upclose photo of faith picture frame
I was inspired by the Alice + Olivia mugs at Starbucks. As beautiful as they are, it is outside of what I am willing to spend on tumblers. So I came up something more practical.
The imperfections is what makes this perfect.
These items were from past creative hauls: Faith, wood banner, purple pick balls, chalk board frame are from Michaels. Sticky note pad from Target Dollar Spot. You can personalize the chalk board with your name or business name.  I used a red Sharpie paint pen to add a red edge.
Perhaps your prefer something a lot more simple. Make your desktop background a work of art. Dress up your technology with spring decor by downloading these beautiful Love Lessons wallpaper.