3 things I love about my bedroom

Timex cd radio alarm clock with green ceramic owl and flowers
My bedroom is where I wind down for the night and arise for the new day. 
Here are 3 things I love about my bedroom that helps me to de-stress.
1. Limited Electronics
Keeping my room free of clutter and electronics is what helps relax for the night. I have only 3 electronics in my room: an alarm clock, my phone and my iPad. The alarm clock so I keep a regular schedule, phone for emergencies and the iPad to listen to pandora. No computers or TV allowed. It's important to me to keep my thoughts in a good place before going to bed and when I first wake up.
Lavender aromatherapy spray, lavender essential oil bath and body works candle
2. Aromatherapy
Ever noticed how a certain scent can bring back great memories, like the smell of your mom’s recipe, certain cologne or perfume? Smell can be linked to your emotions, and certain scents can stimulate relaxation. My favorite scent is Lavender. Spraying my pillows with Lavender and lighting a candle helps me to sleep at night.
Parachute Down Alternative Duvet
3. Cozy and Comfortable Bedding
One the best investment I made for my bedding was in purchasing a down duvet for all seasons. In the winter it keeps me warm and in the summer it provides a cool soft cushion. My down duvet has lasted a long time, I've owned mine for almost 8 years. Parachute, a bedding company, has a great selection of down duvet, if you looking to make your bedroom your sanctuary.

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