Snuggle Weather Tag 2015

Keep Warm and Snuggle Up mug, chocolate shavings and miniature cheese grater
Welcome to #FallIntoAutumn Snuggle Weather Tag
If you follow me on any on my social media sites, you know Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year, I'm sure I share that emotion with alot of other people. I love the cooler weather, the color changes and snuggling up with some of my favorites. describes Snuggle as - to lie or press closely, as for comfort or from affection; nestle; cuddle.
Keeping that in mind; What are some your favorites when snuggling?
Inquiring minds wanna know....

Disclaimer: Please keep it clean or 'G' rated. This is a family post. This is meant to be fun, so have fun.

  1. Favorite Snuggle Foods.
  2. Favorite Snuggle Movie or TV program.
  3. Favorite Snuggle Books/Reading.
  4. What is your go to "Snuggle" drink?
  5. To stay warm when snuggling what do you use socks, sweats, and/or blanket?
  6. Your Best Snuggle companion.
  7. What are your Snuggle To Do's.
  8. What song gets you in the snuggle mood (Keep It clean please)
  9. Favorite Snuggle weather: rain, snow, or cool breeze.
Noami's Answers:
1. Favorite Snuggle Foods -
My favorite snuggle food is Hot & Sour Soup and Chicken Fried Rice.

2. Favorite Snuggle Movie -
I don't have one go to movie, but this time of the year, its Christmas movies and almost any Disney movie.

3. Favorite Snuggle Books - I love reading design magazines, I keep an archive of design magazines one of my favorites is

4. Go To Snuggle drink -
That would be Chai Latte - so yummy, delicious and relaxing. My second go to is Caramel Apple Cider, the season calls for it.

5. To stay warm when snuggling -
I have several warm fuzzy socks and my favorite blanket that I usually fall asleep with on the sofa.

6. Snuggle companion -
Currently my cat 'Ali' likes to snuggle at my feet when its cold. She keeps my feet warm.

7. My Snuggle To Do's -
If its a lot of rain or snow and I can't go anywhere, I love to bake and and paint.

8. Songs for Snuggle mood -
JAZZ, my favorite CD right now is "Music to make the impossible possible."

9. Favorite Snuggle weather -
Rain then Snow is a close second.

That's it!
If you see this post, "tag your it" what are your favs?
Feel free to tag whomever you want and HAPPY SNUGGLING!

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