Autumn: The start of something new!

Fall Into Autumn 2016 The start of something new!

there is something so calming and romantic about this season.

There is a different kind of excitement as we began to think about the holiday season coming up. Our clothing changes, the foods we eat changes, maybe for some even your home decor changes. Autumn comes and goes so quickly here in Colorado, if you are not careful you'll miss the beauty of it all. Art has allowed me to travel and meet people at different stages in their life. As much as I love Fall, for some, it brings a low to their spirit; God knows I've been there, the holidays were not always fun. So this year, I wanted to share what I do take make this time of year special and exciting. Maybe, just maybe it will you out too! Come along on this FALL INTO AUTUMN journey with and re-discover the beauty of the season. Besides, how could you not Fall In Love with Autumn.