Coloring Review #2 Staedler Colored Pencils and Triplus Fineliners

Both recommended by Johanna Basford.

The Staedler Noris Colour Pencils were my first colored pencils I would try after using Prismacolor Pencils for many years. My first impression of the Colour Pencils is that they were easy to handle, they were comfortable to hold. The 24 set had a nice range of color. The Fineliners worked well with the color pencils. Positive first impression until....
 Compared to the Prismacolor Pencils, The Staedler Noris Colour pencils are not as smooth. It was difficult to blend the colors and I had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get a blend. Unfortunately, the pressure caused the paper to tear. The Staedler Noris Colour pencils would not be my personal pick over the Prismacolor pencils. The Fineliner pens were great to work with.
• Staedler Noris Colour Pencils
• Staedler Fineliner Pens
• Sakura Uniball white gel pen
• Sharpie (black)
• Coloring page