DIY for under $5: Owl Obsessed

My favorite time to shop is after the season. I will try not to pay full retail price on anything. With after season products, I find great deals that I can put away for the following year that are worth waiting to go on sale for.

This project I had an old frame that I wanted to use just for fall.
Hobby Lobby had a 66% off sale last year, so I picked up a foam owl.
I paid less than a dollar.
With Chalk Paint, I painted the glass using about 5 coats of chalk paint.
upclose image of the foam owl with glitter wings
The foam owl came with a very easy guide on where to place all of the pieces.
bottom view of the owl chalk board
I used hot glue to glue the owl to the glass.
Front image of the owl chalk board DIY project
Now, I can use my owl chalk board to my weekly to do list. 
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