30 Days of Thanksgiving DIY board

Pumpkin Dry Erase Thanksgiving Board DIY
One week ago, I started my 30 days of #thanks. God has blessed me in so many ways, I have to see #Him in all things. I created a dry board that I could use on daily basis. Being grateful, having to write each one down, causes you to think of the blessings each day rather than the negative issues of life.
 copper picks, multi color string, gold glitter, copper glitter, white paint 
Items from Michaels and Hobby Lobby: string, white acrylic paint, copper glitter, gold glitter, copper glitter picks, hot glue and hot glue gun. (not pictured - pumpkin craft photo wood frame, ornamental wood plaque, dry erase paper) 
Upclose photo of thanksgiving diy
 Upclose photo of thanksgiving diy dry erase board
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