Get Into The Holiday Season

It's The Holidays Time to celebrate life with a coffee in a red cup and snow falling in the background
The holidays are officially here! This is my most favorite time of the year because there is so much you can do creatively and TONS to be thankful for. Going to shows, baking, holiday crafting, touring christmas lights, hanging out with friends and family... hold your head up and purpose in your heart to celebrate the gift of LIFE this holiday season.

Denver Arts Week 2016 promotional ad
One of my favorite events here in Colorado is Denver Arts Week and it starts today!. All of the art communities come together and host several events over an eight day period. One of the things I'm looking forward to trying out is Denver Arts Week free night at the museum not to mention Denver Film Festival. Shuttle buses will be available for anyone who wants to check out Denver Museums.

Single's Day November 11, 2016
Also coming up this month is "Single's Day". Yep, that's right Single's Day. Singles Day 11/11 was started in China among young people who proud to celebrate the fact that they are single...I like that idea! sees potential growth.

Fall Into Autumn friendsgiving pinterest board
Now that we are passed Halloween and heading towards Thanksgiving, ever think about hosting a Friendsgiving? I found some many DIYs and Culinary ideas on Pinterest that are simple, quick and easy. This is something that is on my bucket list to do.

30 day gratitude challenge free printable
We are in the season to be Thankful. As we come to the end of the year, there is a lot we could be thankful/grateful for even in the hard times. My life is grounded in Christ and biblical principles. Being thankful is just healthier for you. I love how Rick Warren explains how you can still have Joy in hard times and he is right. Trust me, I've had a lot of losses and finding peace and joy will carry you through tough situations. So, this year I challenge YOU! to take 30 days and be thankful for one thing each day. or You can make your own DIY dry erase Thanksgiving board.