Repurposed Craft Project for Fall Decor

old potpourri glass jar diy with angels
A little over 15 years ago, I created these potpourri containers for my mom's bathroom. Over the years the bowls got grimy the angels began come unglued. So, I thought...why not repurpose them into a new DIY project.
2 glass bowls with the words live and love on them with a can of white krylon paint
 I cleaned the glass bowls, bought white paint,
ceramic base, wooden balls and letter stickers.
I positions the letters where I wanted them.
glass bowls painted with white krylon paint
Spray painted all the items. (3 coats) 
2 glass bowls and lid painted with white krylon paint
Let it dry over night.  
live and love glass jars
A new use for the glass potpourri jars.
live and love glass jars for autumn decor by Noami Foster
They look great in my mom's guest bathroom.
They are used to hold cotton balls and Q-tips.